Induction Motor Test bench

Introduction :

  • These Dynamometers are suitable for testing of Rotating machines AC or DC; basically these are also used as indirect method of loading of any machine.
  • The construction features are basically an Current Dynamometer is constructed in such a way that it is able to indicate the torque produced at the rated rpm & current for the machine coupled to it.
  • The prime mover becomes the motor under test & the dynamometer works as generator & its gets loaded by current clutch provided in the Dynamo with the help of an exciter unit.
  • This Model is the Industrial/Educational model suitable for demonstrating to students the complete know of the Basics, Components, Mechanicals, Loading methods, Torque evaluation, Loading scheme, Wear & Tear & Maintenance of these motors packaged in small rating.
  • Students can make connections of their own with the help of the terminations provided for study of features viz. coupling the motor to be tested, Starting methods, Speed-Torque, Excitation control of Dynamometer, Torque measurement. (Providing Load cells is an option)

performance and feature

  • Power ratings available : 1KW / 2KW/ 5KW/ 10KW
  • Voltage Input : 230V AC to Exciter unit.
  • Rpm of Machine : 1500
  • Single shaft extension, SPDP, IP23, IC01, B3, Class-B, S1, Solid yoke


  • Load testing of AC Motor
  • Load testing of DC Motor
  • Torque calculation at various rpm
  • Speed-Torque Analysis
  • Voltage-Speed Analysis
  • Speed reversal
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Blocked rotor test
  • Cold Resistance & Hot Resistance
  • Motor Operation parameters
  • Basic Overhauling Know how.