Rubber Molding Press Machine

details :

Test Banch : We can customize material as per your requirement eg. ss material, ms material, galvanized material Bench Size & valve size & line size as per your requirement.

specifications :

We can supply Presses in 30 to 2000 Ton capacity,platen size 300mmX300mm to 1250mmX3600, in single or multiple daylights in Electrical/ steam/ Thermic fluid heated versions, single or battery of 2-3-4 presses, with Hand lever operation or Automatic PLC controlled '|NCH' & "auto" cycles with multiple breathing (degassing/bumping) presses can be up stroking or down stroking as per application requirement. we can supply pillar type or window frame type construction presses for Eva soles,hawai chappal straps,stoppers,Oil-seals other moulded products. we can make special purpoose presses as per customer's requirement.